The Cultural Engines authors and designers offer sincere thanks to Jean Foster, Director Community Development & Partnerships with the Windsor Public Library, who oversaw the project’s implementation with valued insight and encouragement, Catharine Mastin, Director of the Art Gallery of Windsor, and Paul Meanwell, General Manager of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.  Corinne Despierre-Corporon, Project Web Developer with the Windsor Public Library, graciously gave her time as unofficial technical tutor and has established the Cultural Engines web environment.

Staff from the Windsor Public Library, Windsor Symphony Orchestra and Art Gallery of Windsor staff cheerfully answered requests for research materials, assisted with fact-checking and offered editorial advice, chiefly Rob Eagan, Riverside Branch. We are grateful for help from Michael Fish, Tom Vajdic Mae Whaley, and Josie Hazen from the Central Branch of the WPL.  We thank the staff of Windsor’s Community Museum; Nicole McCabe, Program Coordinator for the AGW;  and Shelley Sharpe, Communications Manager, Windsor Symphony Orchestra.  Former WSO conductor Dr. Susan Haig was also kind enough to answer questions and provide information. We would like to thank all those from these organizations and the community of Windsor and Essex who patiently allowed us to interview them.

A special thank you goes to the representatives from each organization who participated in our very successful “Kids’ Cultural Day” project kick-off event in 2012: Ruth Wiebe and Melissa Loscher from the Windsor Symphony Orchestra; Mary Anne VanWatteghem, Art Gallery of Windsor; Janet Brown, Children’s Librarian and Sue Perry, Self-Publishing Facilitator from the Windsor Public Library.

 The authors wish to acknowledge the funding grant from Employment Ontario which made this project possible.

 Rebecca Canty, Dean Corriveau, Sarah Jarvis.

This Employment Ontario project, is funded in part by the Government of Canada.


The authors dedicate this project to the members of the Windsor Essex community who have supported these valuable cultural organizations through the decades.


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Photograph Credits

Every effort has been made to seek permissions for photographs used.  A full list of sources is available from the webmaster of Windsor Public Library.  Windsor Star photos have been used with permission.  Other credits and permissions: Josie Hazen, Corinne Despierre-Corporon, Windsor Public Library; Andrea Drummond and the Pohjola Family; Cultural Engines staff.  Other credits to Warren Studios and Wild Studio, no longer in operation.

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