Here you can explore a treasure trove of the creative results of Windsor’s cultural community, highlighting the organizations, champions and stars which sustain and maintain our community’s achievements in art, music and literature.

Did you know that the Windsor Public Library has been in the community since 1894? Or that the Art Gallery of Windsor’s first home was in Willistead Manor? Or that the Windsor Symphony Orchestra was the first orchestra to perform at the new CBC Glenn Gould Studio in 1993?

Over 250,000 people earn their living in Ontario’s culture sector, generating $19.7 billion of Ontario’s Gross Domestic Product. In addition to the economic benefits of a strong cultural sector, arts and culture contribute numerous benefits to individuals and communities including playing a pervasive, socially integrating role in fostering community identity, creativity, cohesion, and vitality.

This digitized display presents a collection of images, videos, artifacts and stories that enrich the cultural community in Windsor.  Cultural Engines is the histories of the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Windsor Public Library and the Windsor Symphony Orchestra – the Cultural Engines or major contributors and keepers of cultural appreciation and achievement in the Windsor Region. 

We encourage you to bookmark and explore the site and enjoy all that the Cultural Engines have to offer.  Additionally, please visit often and contribute to our ever-changing and growing Cultural Engines blog.

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