Ask a Librarian Question of the Week

The WPL ASK A LIBRARIAN service provides a quick reference point for customer questions and queries. Often, we receive interesting questions of a topical nature – or just questions that we believe should be shared with the community. On a weekly basis, we post a Question of the Week, together with an answer from a reference professional.  Our intention is to spark interest in a subject that you’ve never thought about before, or it may provide an answer to a question you have been thinking about.

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JULY 13 – Are racism and racial inequity the same thing?

JULY 20 – What is the ethnic makeup of Windsor?

JULY 27 – Were French Fries actually created by the French?

AUGUST 10 – What is the difference between Rye and Bourbon?

AUGUST 17 – Other than shape, is there a difference in the composition of waffles versus pancakes?

AUGUST 24 – What is Ylang Ylang and where does it come from?

AUGUST 31 – Is there a season to catch Atlantic Salmon or can you catch
them anytime?

SEPTEMBER 8 –  Where did the term, Penny Loafer, originate?