Ask a Librarian Question of the Week

The WPL ASK A LIBRARIAN service provides a quick reference point for customer questions and queries. Often, we receive interesting questions of a topical nature – or just questions that we believe should be shared with the community. On a weekly basis, we post a Question of the Week, together with an answer from a reference professional.  Our intention is to spark interest in a subject that you’ve never thought about before, or it may provide an answer to a question you have been thinking about.

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Are racism and racial inequity the same thing?

What is the ethnic makeup of Windsor?

Were French Fries actually created by the French?

What is the difference between Rye and Bourbon?

Other than shape, is there a difference in the composition of waffles versus pancakes?

What is Ylang Ylang and where does it come from?

Is there a season to catch Atlantic Salmon or can you catch them anytime?

Where did the term, Penny Loafer, originate?

What is the difference between a Director and a Producer in regards to the film industry?

When was the Paul Martin building built?

Where was the first Windsor City Hall located?

When did the New Years Eve ball drop event start in Times Square, New York?

How can I get my orchid to re-bloom?  Do they bloom once a year or whenever they like?