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38 Responses to "Ask a Librarian"

  1. Jim Zorzit says:

    3170 riburdy road in Windsor Ontario was supposedly a church back in 1920. How can we find out more information about that church as it is currently a residential home.

  2. aarti jaiswal says:


    I wanted to know if the library has Working in medical office environment author Vadala in stock as I am not able to find it online.

    Thank you!

  3. I tried several times to return books I had borrowed and found even the drop-off boxes locked so was not able to do so. I don’t remember if I did finally get it done or failed to do so. I can’t find the books anymore. How do I find out if I still have books checked out while you are still closed?

  4. Heather says:

    Hi there, I have been trying unsuccessfully to find the obit of my grandfather Thomas Goddard who died on May 10, 1961 in Windsor. Is there any way I can view this? Thank you so much.

  5. Adraa says:

    My username and password are not working if you could call me please at 5199813857 Thank you so much.

  6. Daniel Carr says:

    I’m 68 my card has not been renewed because I house bond and my wheelchair dose not work. I would like to do research on my Grate grand father. I know there was a artical writen about him in the Windsor Star when he died how can I look into files on the Windsor Star to fined it

  7. Joan says:

    Why do you not have Margaret MacMillan’s latest book War: How Conflict Shaped Us 0nly on Ebook & not hardback? Have been waiting to read it. If coming, please put me on the wait list.Thank you.

  8. Harleen says:

    do you guys have the book “I am not your perfect mexican daughter”

  9. Kitchener Public Library is considering purchasing a Cozmo Robot. Can you please share your experience using Cozmo in your Tech Hub at Windsor Public Library? Have you had success using Cozmo in programming?
    Thank you,
    Chris Schnarr

  10. Mary Beth says:

    I am a grade 12 teacher at St. Anne’s High School and I ask students to research various community agencies for an assignment. Over the years, students have included history of Windsor’s Teen Health Centre dating back to the 1970’s calling it an emerging “hippy culture” that sparked its inception. I can no longer find any information online regarding the origin of the Teen Health Centre. Do you have access to this information? I’m trying to help a student, so any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time,
    Mary Beth MacDougall

  11. Rashim Sharma says:

    I am preparing for the exam for my certification. Is it possible to have these books available
    1. Operator-in-Training (OIT) Examination Study Guide (OMWA/MECP)
    2. Mathematics for Water and Wastewater Operators


  12. Michael Glover says:

    I am doing an ancestry search on the Reid family. I am looking for a copy of an obit for Sadie Reid , from Windsor Star dated 28 Feb 1978 and one for her son Gary Reid from Windsor Star dated 14 & 16 Sept 1998. I live in Chatham, Tel 519-352-1028

  13. Keith Robertson says:

    Do you have the book OUT OF DARKNESS,SHINNING LIGHT by Petina Gap.jpg

  14. Tonina says:

    Hello there,
    I am having troubles clicking the link “email us the question here” in order to get in touch with the library email.
    Would it be possible to get his address?
    Thank you kindly,

  15. Goranca Ploscar says:

    Why is the library closed at 5:20pm when it says it closes at 6pm

    • Windsor Public Library Library says:

      The library has a staff training day yesterday. The notice was added to the front page of the website. We apologize for the nuisance this may have cause.

  16. Larry Renaud says:

    I have a library card for my Chatham Brand, can I use it ti gain access to your resources?My searches are for Renaud. Parent. Janisse. Ouellette Vetor,Lepain.

  17. SK says:

    Can you plz get me this book: Islamic Invasion by Morey, 2011?

    • Windsor Public Library Library says:

      If you wish to recommend a book for purchase, please click on this link and use the “Recommend a Title” link in the menu at the top of the screen. Thank you.

  18. robert Grasley says:

    Can you please search for a LIBRARY loan “Conversations with an Executioner”

    Witten by a Polish writer about the Warsaw uprising

    Thank you: 2/3/21 1745hrs

  19. Jim Mann says:

    How do I access the BBC Landmark series? I type “Windsor Public Library” for the name of the institution, but Alexander Street can’t find it.

    • Windsor Public Library Library says:

      Go to this page

      Then under entertainment, please click on “BBC Landmark Video Collection” then enter your library card number and password.
      Then on the Alexander Street website, click on “my collections” in the menu then click on “The BBC Landmark Video Collection, First Edition”

  20. Debi Sweet says:

    Help – I can no longer access digital magazines from the library! I used to have no issues when using RBDigital but I see that’s no longer available. It says to use either Libby or Overdrive but I cannot find Windsor Public Library in the list of branches. All of the branches in Libby seem to be based in the USA. Overdrive has libraries in Toronto but nothing for Windsor. I really, really miss having access online to magazines – can you help me with this please?

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