A Windsor Public Library Volunteer is an individual who, beyond the responsibilities of paid employment, freely assists the Windsor Public Library in the accomplishment of its mission without expectation or receipt of compensation. Windsor Public Library’s volunteers are an important addition to the Library’s staff.
Volunteers perform specific duties that are important to the institution.

To apply electronically, download an application form on your computer, fill the form, save a copy and send your completed application to the contact shown below. Applications submitted electronically will be signed during orientation.
For a printed copy of the application form, contact any WPL Branch.

For more information on these services: www.windsorpubliclibrary.com

Program Description of Activity Age Requirement Time Commitment To apply Contact
Book Buddy One on one reading help for children 16 years or older Minimum of 1 hour/week, 6 month commitment. Book Buddy Volunteer Application Book Buddy Coordinator
519-255-6770 Ext. 4418
Adult Literacy Tutor One on one literacy tutoring for Adults 19 years or older  Minimum of 1 hour/week, 12 month commitment. Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutor Application Adult Literacy Coordinator
519-255-6770 Ext. 4460


All volunteers will be required to submit to a Police Records Check prior to acceptance as a volunteer. There is a $25.00 charge for a police clearance. This policy applies to all volunteers who will volunteer directly with people.

Please note that proof vaccination is also required for all volunteers.

The Windsor Public Library reserves the right to decline involvement in its volunteer program by anyone it assesses to be unsuitable. The decision of the Windsor Public Library is final in these matters.

40 Responses to "Volunteering"

  1. Dulce Helena Felisbina says:

    I am from Brazil and I am a portuguese teacher. I want practicing english. Than I search a volunteer job. How I can apply for that?


  2. Nikhil Shad says:

    I would like to volunteer for your High School Volunteer program. Would you please able to tell me what kind of volunteer work does it involve?

  3. Tiffany Taylor says:

    I am a support worker and I have a client, aged 35, with a disability. I am trying to find her a volunteer job that would not be too complicated and was wondering if there was anything at the library that may be a good fit.
    Thanks, Tiffany

  4. Sophia Hong says:


    Is the library accepting any highschool student volunteers this summer? If so, who should I contact?


  5. tarang mangroliya says:

    Do we get any certificate after finish volunteering?

  6. Shyam says:

    I would like to volunteer for the High School Volunteering Program, however I wanna know if you guys still accept students during the pandemic, if so what work does it Involve?

  7. Andrea says:

    Hello, I’m a high school student who’s interested in the high school volunteering program and I wanted to ask if you are still doing the program during this time. If so, who should I contact so I can apply?

  8. Mariam says:

    I would like to volunteer for the High School Program. Please let me if this is possible during the pandemic? Thank you

  9. Fatima says:


    are you still accepting tutors for the adult literacy program?

  10. Nissrine says:

    Hi . I a master graduate and I am ready to volunteer at the library

  11. Saraf says:

    I am in high school and I would like to volunteer in the High School Program. I was wondering if you guys accept volunteers during the pandemic

    • madeinwindsor says:

      Hello and thanks for your question! At this current stage of the pandemic, WPL is not using any in-person volunteers. However, you may be able to volunteer as a virtual reading partner in our Book Buddy program. Please email bookbuddy@windsorpubliclibrary.com for more information.

  12. Kris says:

    Hi there! Will there be any in-person volunteering this summer at any WPL locations? If not, are there other ways I can get involved in the community?

    • Chris W. says:

      I have passed your question to the staff member who coordinates volunteers. You will be contacted directly.

  13. Carol Cai says:

    Hi there! Is the library open now for high school in-person volunteers?

  14. Umaynah Khan says:

    Hello! I am a grade 9 student, 14 years old, who is interested in the High School Volunteering Program. I’m not old enough for the Book Buddy program so I was wondering what other ways can I get volunteer. I’d also like to know if you guys still accept students during the pandemic, if so what work does it Involve?

  15. Angela says:

    Hi! In september, I will be in grade 10, and I am 14 years old. I would love to get involved in the High School Program. Is WPL accepting in-person volunteers this school year?

  16. Vinayak says:

    Hello, I’m a high school student and I wanted to volunteer in the high school volunteer program. I wanted to know if you still can’t take any volunteers because of the pandemic or if you do now.

  17. Vijay K says:

    Hi,I am a mature international student at Saint Clair College and would like to volunteer in my free time.Kindly suggest available options.Thanks

  18. Salman Farooq says:

    I have to apply son as volunteer for his high school requirements. He wants to start from July 2022, should I apply now with the Police records check. Please advise.

  19. Harjot kaur says:


    I am a recent graduate in Business Management. I want to be a volunteer in the public

    Thank you

  20. Sue Perry says:

    That’s great to hear! Most of the groups are geared toward adults, so it would depend on the age of the youth. Please call 519-255-6770 for more details!

  21. Serena hurst says:

    I would like to volunteer for high-school community services, how would I do that?

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