Finding Information: WPL Databases Versus Google?

Sweating over a term paper? You have to try our online databases! We all love Google, it’s great for a quick search especially for current events and news, personal information needs including shopping and entertainment or for finding locations – I’m a big fan of Google Maps. However, if you have to write a research paper or need verifiable, accurate information you are better off using a library database.

At Windsor Public Library many of the documents found in our databases cannot be found by searching the internet (e.g. with Google), as access has been paid for by the library. In addition, the information is more likely to be reliable and more thoroughly researched than material found on the Internet.

Like Google our databases, accessed from our website, are searchable online and often cover specific subject or discipline areas. i.e. Consumer Health database, for finding medical information for the layperson. Often when you Google medical terms or conditions you get a website intended for medical professionals that may be very difficult for the average person to understand.

How will this help me do research or write a paper?

If you are writing a research paper for school or work the benefit of using a databases is that they include a citation tool that will automatically generate an APA or MLA style reference for the article you select. Whereas most web sites found on the open web do not provide a citation tool. Another reason to use the database rather than Google – Databases contain information that has been checked for ABC’s of authority & accuracy, bias, and content & currency. You can trust the information you find in databases, not like on the web or through Google searches. Sometimes it’s accurate, but many times it isn’t.

eResources & databases for research provided by Windsor
Public Library

Our website has a long list of databases and other resources – here’s are few in more detail:


Did you know a surprising number of people represent themselves in a court of law for a variety of reasons including the cost of legal representation?

Law Depot – the fastest way to create legal documents

Law Depot



All Law Depot forms, contracts, and agreements are created by a full-time team of lawyers. They are updated often in accordance with changes in the law.
Access thousands of legal forms
You receive unlimited access to thousands of legal forms across all categories, including Real Estate, Business, Human Resources, Family, and more.
Explanation of legal terminology to help you to understand the process
This is useful for writing your own will; rental agreements; or promissory notes

Steps to Justice

Steps to Justice



Do you have a legal problem and live in Ontario?

Steps to Justice provides reliable and practical information on common legal problems including:

step-by-step information to help you work through your legal problems
practical tools, such as checklists, fillable forms, and self-help guides
referral information for legal and social services across Ontario
live chat and email support if you can’t find the answers to your question
This site will assist you in legally representing yourself i.e. Landlord-tenant issues

your legal rights

your legal rights



This website provides free legal information for people in Ontario. This site has practical, easy-to-find legal information produced by hundreds of organizations across the province.

Legal information covering a wide range of legal topics, in a variety of formats.
Common Questions: Questions and answers to everyday legal problems
Find Services: Interactive map of key legal and social services across Ontario
Training: Public legal education training webinars for service providers
News & Events: The latest headlines and community events about the law and access to justice
Information for newcomers on critical legal topics in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, and Urdu. Available in print, pdf, and audio.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Virtual Reference Library



A popular and reliable resource with a friendly interface proving very specific information on a wide range of subjects – such as American and world history, biography, health & medicine, arts, business, travel, religion, and multicultural studies.
It’s really easy to use for research because you can quickly save your research to google docs, email, either download or print and provides citations/sources.
Gale Virtual Reference Library plays an integral role in helping students become digitally literate by learning the importance of crediting sources as well as proper citation with Gale’s citation tool.
Gale now offers InfoMarksfunctionality, allowing users to copy, bookmark, or email a persistent URL of nearly every page!
To access from outside the library you will require your library card number and pin number.

Canadian Reference Centre

Canadian Reference Centre



This database provides an optimal research experience for students keeping up with current events or studying Canada’s global involvement.
With thousands of full-text biographies, reference materials and an image collection you can find journal articles, and an image (photo) collection.
This is useful when your teacher requests that you include a photo of the person, historical event or provide a map. It is uniquely Canadian content which is hard to pinpoint on a Google search – using this resource ensures all Canadian content.

Primary Search

Primary Search



Primary Search provides students with encyclopedic entries written specifically for kids. In addition, the database includes full-text popular magazines including those from Cricket Media, such as Ladybug and Spider.

Other magazines include Highlights, Junior Scholasticand dozens more
Students can learn about a variety of topics, including endangered species, famous musicians, fitness and space exploration.
Thousands of full-text articles (many in color PDF) from nearly 100 popular children’s magazines
More than 1.6 million images of relevant photos, maps and flagsDesigned specifically for public libraries, this database provides full-text magazines, reference books and original documents. It also includes an extensive image collection containing photos, maps and flags.
It is the most scholary of our databases helpful to University, College or Government level research

No need to schlep to the library to consult a reference book, for research you can do it from online from home. If you’re really stuck or have a question just call us! 519-255-6700 extension 4434

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