Library Value Calculator

You know that satisfied feeling you get when you score a really good deal on something?  You can get that feeling every time you use a resource from the public library!  Every book, movie, CD, magazine, newspaper or video game you check out or download from us is one less thing you have to buy yourself. Following the lead of many other public library systems, WPL has come up with an easy way for you to calculate the estimated amount that you save by using our resources and services!  Click on the Library Value Calculator located on our website, and fill in the average amount of materials that you or your family use in each category in an average month to calculate your estimated savings!  The values we’ve used are estimates and of course nobody really knows exactly how many things they check out instead of purchasing each month. Still, it gives you a ballpark sense of just how much money you can save!  We’ll be announcing a fun contest involving both the Library Value Calculator and Twitter in the next few days so stay tuned…

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