Ian Austen

Ian Austen is a Windsor-born journalist.  He is best known as a Canadian news correspondent for the New York Times (NYT), a position he has held since 2004.

Austen was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario.

Ian Austen

Photograph from festivalofauthors.ca

As a young adult, he attended Ryerson University in Toronto and shortly thereafter began a career in print journalism. Austen wrote freelance for Canadian Business Magazine, and was a senior writer for Southam News and the Financial Times of Canada (defunct). Austen was also a staff writer at Maclean’s magazine, and has worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as an analyst on the technology industry. In 2004, Austen became a Canadian correspondent for the NYT and he currently reports from his Ottawa-based office.

Austen has lived in Ottawa since 1989.  In his spare time, Austen is a cycling enthusiast and is a member of the Ottawa Bicycle Club.


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