Karolyn Hart

A young entrepreneur, technology executive, activist, speaker, author and the Founder of InspireHUB Technologies in Windsor Ontario, Karolyn Hart did not take the typical millennial path through life – she created her own. Karolyn left Windsor after high school to attend Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener with the idea to work in international development. While in Kitchener, Karolyn worked for Rogers Cable as a municipal affairs reporter and magazine host. Hart said that her original career goal was to become a missionary and work with people in vulnerable situations around the world. After she completed her bachelor’s degree in religious education she returned to Windsor as creator and co-host of “Get Connected”, a 13-part series that aired across Canada to “explore interesting places and meet some of the people who make this area tick”, according to Hart. Launching a national television show was just the beginning; she also served in a variety of technology roles with different publicly traded companies.

In 2008 she wrote a technical white paper on automotive digital signage that got the attention of advisors to Nelson Mandela. Technical problem solving is what she does, so in these years she worked as a tech support agent, a software tester, and a solutions consultant. Karolyn was the first female executive appointed to one of Canada’s oldest economic development agencies. She joined Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation (WEEDC) in September 2010 where she held the position of vice-president. Deciding to combine her faith and passion for humanitarian efforts with her information technology expertise, she returned to the private sector.

Today, Karolyn is the Chief Operating Officer of InspireHUB Inc., a Dallas -based app developer known for a streamlined corporate communications platform called IHUBApp She has garnered awards for the organizations she has represented, most recently becoming the Innovation Winner in the 2018 Business Excellence Award sponsored by the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce, recognizing their pioneering work with the IHUBApp. InspireHUB was one of the first companies to use the leading-edge progressive web app technology introduced by Google that is now being adopted by many of the largest companies in the world. InspireHUB has received industry recognition from Google and Samsung, both of which participated in a technical white paper that was distributed across the industry. InspireHUB has been featured in SD Times, Reader’s Digest, GCN.com and Digital Home. Co-founder Karolyn Hart has been featured in the Daily Mail and was recently celebrated as one of 99 Limit Breaking Female Founders in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global.


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