Windsor Flood of 2017

In late August of 2017, Windsor, Ontario and the surrounding areas of Essex County experienced the largest flood event in its history. Some areas of Windsor-Essex County experienced rainfall of up to 290 mm, along with flash floods and flooded streets. In Windsor Flood of 2017addition to flooded streets and basements, some businesses closed temporarily due to the volume of water, which the drainage system could not accommodate. The areas that were the most significantly impacted were Lakeshore, Belle River, and Tecumseh, as well as selected parts of Windsor. Flooding caused $124 million in insured damages according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

The City of Windsor received nearly 4000 calls from residents reporting flooding and damaged basements. Many of the residents affected had sustained significant damage to their basements the previous year due to the flooding and rainfall that occurred in September of 2016. As a result, many were unable to obtain flood insurance to cover damage from the flood of 2017. In addition, many residents were unable to receive assistance from the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians program, as the program does not cover sewer backup.

Local municipalities have been making great efforts to improve the local sewer systems, with many improvement projects currently underway. For example, a plan is in the works to improve the Riverside area, with modifications to roads, pumping stations, and sewers.


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