Urban Farmhouse Press


Urban Farmhouse Press is a publishing company that is currently based out of Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.

The company publishes literature in a variety of formats, including poetry, literary fiction, and chapbooks. They also publish a chapbook series entitled The Cities of the Straits in honour of the company’s base of Windsor and Detroit.

In addition to publishing, the company offers various writing workshops (7 weeks in length) to assist writers with their craft. Workshops for science fiction, poetry, and fiction are available. The company has published an anthology of essays entitled Ford City Workshop Anthology, as well as a collection of prose and poetry entitled By the River: New Poetry and Prose from the River Narrows.

Created in Indianapolis in 2013, the company is rooted in a literary publication entitled Read This, which was launched by Cheryl Knobel, D.A. Lockhart, and John Powers. Growing from there, the company’s early days (including creation of the company website) began out of a farmhouse in Indianapolis.


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