Elizabeth Kishkon

Elizabeth Kishkon was the 29th mayor of the City of Windsor, Ontario from November 1983 to November 1985.

Kishkon was born in Oshawa, Ontario and raised in England. She moved back to Canada in 1948, where she married and had four children. Early in her career, Kishkon belonged to the “Save Peche Island Committee,” which sought to preserve Peche Island as a park and nature area. Following this, Kishkon ran for City Council and won a seat for Wards 1 to 5. She also secured a position with CBE Radio to run her own radio program.

Kishkon ran for Mayor in 1982 alongside Ron Wagenberg, winning by more than 15,000 votes. Kishkon was a powerful speaker and promised to help end the economic recession in Windsor. Kishkon also emphasized that citizen involvement was a crucial element to strengthening the economy.

In her first year as Mayor, Kishkon managed to set up a council of representatives of youths from local high schools. In October 1984, Kishkon oversaw a visit from the Queen to Windsor. Kishkon was faced by some criticism in her career, with some noting that Kishkon failed to make significant changes to Windsor. However, Kishkon argued that, during her term, there were improvements to the downtown area, as well as Drouillard and Pelissier Street.

Following her time as Mayor for the City of Windsor, Kishkon was appointed to the Ontario Human Rights Commission. She also received an honorary degree from the University of Windsor in 1986. In September 2017, a park near Banwell Rd in Windsor was named in Kishkon’s honour.


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