Herbert W. Wilson

Herbert W. Wilson was the 15th mayor of Windsor, serving three consecutive terms from 1921 until 1923.

Wilson had been an alderman in Windsor since 1915, and first sought the mayoralty inHerbert W. Wilson 1916, but was defeated that year by Charles R. Tuson. He was re-elected as alderman in the next three years, and was finally elected mayor in 1921. Notably, he was returned to the mayoral post for his second term by acclamation in 1922, only to be re-elected again for his third and final term. He was a strong advocate for amalgamation of the Border Cities, as he believed this would alleviate problems the individual towns were facing. At his retirement speech, Wilson even hinted that if amalgamation were ever to happen, he would gladly run for the mayoral position again. In addition to his involvement in municipal politics, Wilson served as the elected president of builders and contractors in Windsor, and as a member, and then chairman of the Windsor Water Commission. In 1929, Wilson ran for the councilman position again, and won. At this time, he was the commissioner in charge of the Public Works department.

Herbert W. Wilson was an avid sportsman, and he enjoyed soccer, curling and bowling. The Wilson family lived on Maple Street in Windsor, but they owned multiple properties across the town. On February 7, 1931, Wilson was suspected missing and a search party was formed. Several hours later, his body was found and the police suspected suicide.


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