David Burr

David Burr served as the 30th mayor of Windsor from 1986 until 1988. He was born and raised in Windsor, and was a chartered accountant prior to entering the municipal politics arena.

Burr served as an alderman on the Windsor City Council for 14 consecutive years and as the Mayor for additional three years. During his tenure as the Mayor, Burr advocated for a David Burrgreater diversification of Windsor’s auto industry, and a potential development of tourism as an answer. In 1986, Burr was named chairman of a group formed by municipal leaders in the Great Lakes region that aimed at getting more support for the region from the provincial and federal agencies. Specifically, one of the earliest resolutions passed by the committee sought to secure funding for upgrading sewage treatment plants. That same year, Burr planned to establish a municipal forum for race relations. During his political career, Burr also served on many committees and boards, such as Windsor Planning Board, Emergency measures Organization, Essex County Children’s Aid Society, Windsor Public Library Board, and the Windsor Traffic Safety Council.

Following his retirement from the political sphere, Burr moved to the county and started working at the Casino Windsor as a dealer. He passed away tragically in a car accident in October 2000.


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