John Millson

John Millson served as the 31st mayor of Windsor from 1989 until 1991. He was born and raised in Windsor, and attended the J.L. Forster Secondary School. As a local entrepreneur, he ran a successful floral business, and even co-chaired the Queen’s visit in 1984.

His political career started in the West End. He served two terms as a councilman for Ward 2, and ran in the municipal election after his predecessor, David Burr, announced heJohn Millson would not run for re-election. Millson ran against Jerry Woloschuk, and won by a very close margin. His plan to assign each councillor with a major responsibility or a title (e.g., finance “minister”; culture “minister”), although criticized by some, actually increased efficiency and encouraged solid performance by the council. Millson also negotiated a several million dollar worth land deal with Jantree Growth Properties that softened the blow of the auto parts giant Magna International backing away from their own negotiations with the City.

Since leaving the mayor’s office, Millson has served as president of Windsor Raceway and Great Lakes Energy. He made a bid for the mayor’s office again in 2014.


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