Charlotte Bronte Perry

Author, Journalist, Historian.

Charlotte Bronte Perry had an illustrious career in journalism in Los Angeles, Detroit and Windsor. Her book The Long Road-The history of the coloured Canadian in Windsor, Charlotte Bronte PerryOntario, 1867-1967, is a valuable resource on the history of Windsor, and its African-Canadian residents.  It has long been considered the definitive volume on this topic covering the years from 1867-1967.

Born in Virginia, Charlotte Bronte Perry traveled extensively, finally settling in Windsor with her husband, Dr. Roy Perry. The pair were prominent socialites, but Perry’s book captures the spirit of Windsor and all of its citizens.  As she says, “Windsor has had some bad days and years, but she has always come out of it” (Bronte, 1967, p. 209).

Charlotte Bronte Perry was educated at the Virginia Seminary, Assumption College, The University of Western, Iowa State College and the New York University. Mrs. Perry passed away in 1985, but her legacy continues on, as The Long Road Continues is set to be published in 2018. This volume will pick up where hers left off, published 50 years before.


Charlotte Bronte Perry

The Long Road by Charlotte Bronte Perry

New book on black history of Windsor-Essex aims to update and expand understanding