Hiram Walker Statue/ Roundabout

The roundabout that is to be installed at the Riverside Drive and Devonshire Road intersection may one day include a statue of Hiram Walker.

The roundabout at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Devonshire Road, in addition to improving traffic flow, is intended to provide easy access to the Walkerville area and to the Walker Power Building, which is currently under renovation. Whether the statue will be placed in the centre of the roundabout depends upon the size of the roundabout itself.

The statue of Hiram Walker, which originally was to be placed in a small park at the Riverside-Devonshire intersection, is being completed by artist Mark Williams, who has Hiram Walkeralso worked on statues of General Isaac Brock and Chief Tecumseh. The statue’s height will be more than 11 feet, with the eight foot, three inch tall figure of Walker standing atop several barrels. Several local organizations, including the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation, Windsor Port Authority, Walkerville Brewery, Pernod Rickard, and Beam Suntory, have provided donations to help fund the statue’s completion.  Hiram Walker was the driving force behind the development of Walkerville, and the statue will serve as a testament to the significant contributions Walker made to Windsor. This includes his role in the development of many local organizations, including Windsor Regional Hospital, Walkerville Collegiate, and Willistead Manor.


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