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Biography and Memoir
Presents new and older biographies and memoirs. Released monthly.

Business and Careers
Focuses on recent publications in Business/Careers, as well as a review of older titles. Bimonthly.

Canadian Fiction
Subscribe for fiction from Canadian authors. Released monthly.

Let’s get cooking! Subscribe for some great cookbook suggestions.

Presents fantasy titles in a variety of subgenres. Released monthly.

Fiction A – Z
An overview of recent and older fiction releases. Monthly.

Health Matters
Focuses on titles on the topic of health and wellbeing.

Historical Fiction
For those with an interest in fiction that incorporates a little bit of history. A monthly release.

History and Current Events
A review of titles on historical and current world events. Released monthly.

Home, Garden, and DIY
Presents titles on home and garden maintenance. Bi-monthly.

For those in search of thrills and chills. Bi-monthly.

Enjoy a good laugh with these great suggestions.

Kids’ Books
Juvenile fiction and nonfiction for ages 8 to 11. Released monthly.

LGBT Topics
An overview LGBTQ fiction and nonfiction.

A newsletter of the top ten titles among library professionals.

For those in need of a good who-dun-it. A monthly release.

Nature and Science
Focuses on the wonders of the natural world. Bi-monthly.

Picture Books
Presents new releases and an overview of picture books on a specific topic. A monthly release.

Recent and older romance titles in a variety of subgenres. Monthly.

Teen Scene
Fiction and nonfiction for youths ages 14 and older. Monthly.

Thrillers and Suspense
For those who love the tension of a good suspense novel. Released monthly.

Wealthy and Wise
A selection of titles on the topic of financial wellbeing. Bimonthly.