Herbert Charles “Herb” Colling

Author, Broadcaster.

Herb Colling is a local author and broadcaster. He was born in 1953.

Colling worked for CBC Radio in Windsor for several years and has written five books about the Windsor area. Ninety-Nine Days: The Ford Strike in Windsor, 1945 (1995) describes UAW Local 200’s strike against the Ford Motor Company. Turning Points: The Detroit Riot of 1967: A Canadian Perspective (2003) documents social, labour, and racial issues, as well as key events, leading to the Detroit Riot; this information is presented from Windsor’s perspective as Detroit’s closest neighbour.  Colling’s book entitled Pioneering the Auto Age (1993), written with Carl Morgan, describes the history of the automotive industry in Windsor and the significant contributions Windsor has made to the automotive industry.

Colling attended the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, where he received a degree in Radio and Television Arts. From there, he studied journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa.  Colling began his career in journalism and broadcasting at the age of sixteen at CKMP, a radio station operating in Midland, Ontario, and went on to become a broadcaster for CBC Radio in Windsor.  Colling was also responsible for writing and producing a CD for the 50th anniversary of CBC Radio in Windsor.


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