Nino Ricci

Nino Ricci is a critically acclaimed and popular Canadian author. His honours include receiving two Governor General’s Awards for fiction, the Alistair MacLeod Award for Literary Achievement (2006), and York University’s Pinnacle Achievement Award (2010).

Ricci was appointed as the Writer-in-Residence at the University of Windsor in 2005-2006 and received an honorary doctorate from the University of Windsor in 2012.

Ricci was born in Leamington, Ontario in 1959. He received a B.A. in English literature from York University in 1981, a Master’s in Creative Writing from Concordia University inNino Ricci 1987, and graduated from Italian Studies at the University of Florence in 1989. In 1990 Ricci released his debut novel, Lives of the Saints. The book became commercially and critically successful, and won the Books in Canada First Novel Award, the 1990 Governor General’s Award for Fiction and a Betty Trask Award. He released two sequels, In a Glass House (1993) and Where She Has Gone (1997) which was nominated as a Giller Prize finalist. Ricci served as a board member for PEN Canada from 1990-1996 and was the organization’s president from 1995-1996. In 2003 Ricci published Testament, a fictional biography of Jesus Christ. The novel received praise from reviewers, was short-listed for the Commonwealth Prize for Canada and the Caribbean, and won the Trillium Book Award. His next novel, The Origin of the Species (2008), won the Governor General’s Award.In 2011 Ricci was appointed as a member of the Order of Canada. He was appointed the writer-in-resident at the University of Toronto in 2015.


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