Alexander Zonjic

Musician, radio host, recording artist, flutist. Born April 20, 1951.

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Alexander Zonjic was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1951. He is a radio host and a versatile professional flutist with an extensive and varied career recording and performing jazz and classical music.

Zonjic learned to play the guitar and performed as lead guitarist in a local rhythm and blues band by age 15. At 21 he purchased a used – and likely stolen – flute from a vendor for $9. By 22,  Zonjic  had acquired sufficient proficiency to study music at the University of Windsor where he developed his skills by studying with Ervin Monroe, principal flutist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

In 1975, Zonjic graduated from the University of Windsor and continued his studies with Monroe. Zonjic continued to collaborate with his teacher by recording The Classical Album (1981), the Christmas-themed Pipers Holiday (1995) and, Night (1997) together.  At the same time, Zonjic showed his versatility by often playing in Detroit jazz clubs where he gained the notice of jazz keyboardist Bob James. They would go on to collaborate on some recoridings, including the CD  Neon (1990)

Zonjic’s diversity can be seen in his discography which includes Elegant Evening (1982), Romance with You (1984), When Is It Real (1987), Passion (1993), and Seldom Blues (2004) which takes its name from a nightclub Zonjic ran with partners until 2010. His most recent album, Doin’ The D (2009), is a tribute to his adopted city of Detroit, Michigan and its many struggles and features performances from heavyweights such as saxophonist Kenny G.

Live, Zonjic is a versatile performer. He has performed with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and the Florida Symphony Orchestra as well as his own jazz ensemble. Zonjic is not content to rest on his laurels. He says “It’s never the same ole same ole. I’m always looking forward. I’m always optimistic.” In addition to his performing and recording career, Zonjic is an accomplished radio host with a show on Smooth Jazz V98.7.

Zonjic may have adopted Detroit but he hasn’t forgotten his Windsor roots. He remains an active member of Windsor’s community, performing locally in addition to his international performances. In 2003 Zonjic was awarded the University of Windsor’s Alumni Award of Merit and in 2015 he acted as the musical director for the 2015 Carrousel of Nations.

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