WPL Mission and Values

⇨ Mission Statement

The mission of the Windsor Public Library is to enrich our community by providing
access to resources that inform and entertain.
We believe in the freedom to read, learn and discover.

⇨ Vision Statement

The Windsor Public Library makes our community a better place to live, work and raise a family. The board and staff envision a future where the library enriches the lives of all residents and where reading, learning and discovery is a part of daily life.

⇨ Values Statement

The following values guide our decisions and actions.

➽ Excellent customer service
⤷ WPL values and respects its customers, partners, volunteers and staff.
⤷ We are committed to always providing welcoming, courteous and efficient service.
➽ Lifelong learning and literacy
⤷ WPL values intellectual freedom, literacy and access to information for all.
⤷ We believe the passion for reading and learning should be shared.
➽ Community
⤷ WPL values team work, partnerships and serving the community.
⤷ We are committed to a strong and healthy Windsor.
➽ Accountability
⤷ WPL values wise planning and responsible stewardship.
⤷ We are committed to providing efficient use of public funds and resources.
➽ Integrity
⤷ WPL values direct and honest communications and actions.
⤷ We are committed to conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner.
➽ Growth and Innovation
⤷ WPL values intellectual curiosity and innovation.
⤷ We are constantly recalibrating and capitalizing on opportunities to improve.

⇨ Customer Service Pledge

Our customers are our number one priority.
The Windsor Public Library Board and staff define excellent customer service as:

Welcoming, courteous and efficient
Respecting our customers, partners, volunteers and peers
Engaging in timely, direct and honest communications
A balanced and diverse collection that educates and entertains
Information services that are prompt, accurate and confidential
A community gathering place that welcomes everyone
Sharing our passion for reading and lifelong learning
Always smiling and saying thank you