Job Searching For Youth

Help for youth seeking employment.

Campus Career Center: Find entry-level job postings for Canada and the U.S..

National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation: Information on financial scholarships for Aboriginal youth pursuing education in the fields of the arts, sciences, health sciences, and business.

Ontario Colleges: Explore and apply to Ontario college programs.

Summer Work Student Exchange Program: An exchange program offered by the YMCA for students 16 and 17 years of age who would like to improve their second-language skills while gaining work experience.

TalentEgg: For youth 18 years and older, this site offers numerous job search resources.

What Can I do with an Undergraduate Degree in …: Select an area of study to view a profile which outlines the skills, sample job titles, and areas of employment for graduates. Additional website resources are also included in each profile. Created by the University of Manitoba.

Youth Canada: Access reliable advice to help plan your career and job search.

Youth Connect: The Ontario government and Youth Opportunities have collaborated to provide information for teens located in neighbourhoods with fewer services than others.

Youth Job Bank: Find youth job postings across the country.