Good news!  WPL’s app provider was able to come to an agreement with the company that supports the app.  This means our WPL Mobile app is once again functional!

If you still have the WPL Mobile app on your device, you just need to log back in with your library card number and PIN.  If you’ve uninstalled the app, you’ll just need to reinstall it from the App Store or Google Play. It might take a few minutes for your account information to load the first time.  You can also go into Preferences and click Reload to refresh the app if you’re not seeing your information.

Our app provider is also continuing to work on an improved version of the app with an anticipated completion time of 6-8 weeks.  At that time you’ll be prompted to update your existing app, and the new version will automatically replace the old one.

Please note that if you’ve been using the browser version of our catalogue and have gotten used to it, you can certainly continue to use that option!

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused over the past few months

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2 Responses to "WPL APP IS BACK!"

  1. Sam says:

    Finally, been waiting for a while now. Thank you

  2. Tracey says:

    This app is great. I never new about it. Now I don’t have to go onto the net, look it up, log in (after locating my card number) and search…..I can just jump between this app and my good reads app and put a hold on the books I am wanting to read.
    Great Job – Thanks

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