In June, phase 3 of the WPL ‘We’re More Than Books’ Campaign is featuring the many ways you can get the latest local and world news, wherever you want and whenever you want.  Simply select your digital platform of choice and let WPL do the rest of the work to bring you comment, analysis and opinion from around the world.

The year-long campaign is focussed – in a fun way – on resources not usually associated with public libraries, but resources which are necessary for us to survive in an online world.  The message we want the community to take away is that WPL is ‘more than books’.   Whether relaxing at the beach or commuting to work – let WPL keep you up-to-date on the news you need to navigate the world in which we live.

“These education and information options are unavailable elsewhere free-of-charge and provide a fabulous opportunity to build a strong connection with our customers,” says WPL CEO Kitty Pope.  “We want super busy individuals to choose WPL as their primary destination for news and opinion by using our extensive collection of newspapers and magazines from around the world.  Access is free of charge with a library card.”

Download the PressReader app from and you’ll have access to a huge selection of newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries and in over 60 languages.  That’s 7,000 trusted publications from around the world on a single platform.  Give us a call at 519.255.6770 or email us at if you need help with your download or installation.

Last month Shelf Improvement – Phase 2 of the campaign – featured databases in our collection, with a focus on home DIY and the WPL tool collection.  Tools from our Tool Lending Library, sponsored by Lowes, can be checked out in the same way as books and DVDs.  WPL DIY resources save time and money and provide detailed instruction and tips on all manner of home projects.  Tools are housed at Forest Glade, Muir and Seminole branches and must be checked out and returned to their home location.

Other themes include Shelf Awareness, Treat Yourshelf, Shelf Help and Shelf Indulgence and highlight summer entertainment for kids, personal growth and self-help resources and assistance getting ready for the holidays.  Windsor Public Library is more than books.

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  1. Nancie Erhard says:

    I finally found on the WPL website where to download the Press Reader app, but it wants me to sign up for a premium membership at a hefty fee to view the newspapers. What am I doing wrong? Can you give a link and more explicit directions please?

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