Community Archives Now Open

The Community Archives recently moved to 85 Pitt Street East in downtown Windsor and is now open to the public from 10 am-1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at other times by appointment.

There will be an open house on Monday, April 6 from 2-4 pm to provide the public with a behind-the-scenes look at the materials and resources the Community Archives makes available to visitors.

All are invited to come and view historic images, drawings, plans, maps and textual records that detail the heritage of Windsor. Collections include both municipal records of the City of Windsor and private collections. Tours and refreshments will be on offer.

For more information, the Community Archives can be contacted at 519.255.6770, Extension 4414.

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2 Responses to "Community Archives Now Open"

  1. David hanna says:

    Well I guess some sort of refreshments will be needed to induce and an Open House to introduce just exactly where the Municipal Archive was forced to move to after the premature sale of its former home (the former Windsor Main Library at 850 Ouellette St.), a former Ouellette Ave. Library building that was actually designed to hold the City archives. The irony is that where the former WPL Main Library always had parking available (free after 6:00pm) the present home for the archive in a Municipal Parking Garage may not have extra parking available for patrons during those daytime, working day hours for this event.

  2. David Hanna says:

    Furthering the irony and idiocy of the City of Windsor and WPL Board selling the former Main WPL Library building at 850 Ouellette Ave. is the fact that today we learn the the buyer “The Windsor Mission” (whom the WPL rushed out of its library building to accommodate) now doesn’t want it and has now just sold the 850 Ouellette Ave. building. The Mission sold the former WPL Main Library with in two weeks of the WPL moving out, without the Mission even having attempted to move into it. Sad, sad days for our City!

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