WPL Celebrates 125 Years

To celebrate 125 years of library service to the community, WPL is featuring photographs from the local history collection and community archive. On a daily basis for the balance of December, we will present an interesting and unique image of our city, which we hope will fascinate and entertain.

The Riverside Public Library became a branch of the Windsor Public Library system on annexation of the town of Riverside in 1966.  The original Riverside library opened in 1939, and the building pictured was constructed in 1955, with renovations that doubled its size in 1959.  It served as a Windsor Public Library branch until the new branch was built on the other side of Victor Drive.  The site of the former branch is now the Riverside branch parking lot

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2 Responses to "WPL Celebrates 125 Years"

  1. Richard McIntyre says:

    Did 2019 end on Dec. 20th?

  2. Aaron says:

    I wish I could go back to the time Riverside was it’s own town. I grew up on LaPorte, then moved to Lori. Lori Dr. is one of those streets in Riverside that most aren’t aware of it’s exact location. perhaps because it has a bend in it, I don’t know. I figured it would be known considering it faces the school yard of M.S. Hetherington grade school. My front door on Lori faced directly into the opening in the fence to enter the area of the school grounds where the baseball diamond was.

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