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The Central Branch of Windsor Public Library is moving.  The WPL Board recently announced the sale of the building to the Downtown Mission which means the library has to vacate by June 2019. The Branch will move to a temporary location before a new, permanent location is found.

We want to hear what you have to say on the matter.  Where would you like to see the Central Branch permanently located and what services should it contain?

Your feedback is valuable to the search process.  Please click here to send us a message or send us a comment below.

Thank You.

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34 Responses to "We’re Looking For Your Input"

  1. David Hanna says:

    What complete and utter untrue propaganda of a Windsor Library Board completely under the thumb of City Administration and the current Mayor to attempt to use an architectural image intimating that some near future Windsor Library will ever even come close to looking like the architectural image shown above. It would be better for the Library to sell soap than deliberately mislead the citizens of Windsor and taxpayers who pay their salaries. A 5 story, all glass building on a large, spacious landscaped site with mature trees? It’s actually rather sad and pathetic that the Board seems to play it’s citizen for fools. Particularly a Board stuffed with political patronage, favouritism, repeats and little qualified vision.

  2. Ronald Van Dyk says:

    A temporary relocation implies that a new building will be constructed and will be called the Ed Francis Library. Oops wrong mayor, I meant the Drew Dilkens Library. The Downtown business accellerator building is empty. It is only one block north of the existing location of the central library branch. Why not locate the central branch there. There should not be a temporary relocation which implies moving twice. Repurposing an existing bulding owned by the city in the downtown area is the most cost effective way to go.

    • Krystal says:

      That makes the most sense so far that I’ve seen on this thread. I want to read and think about what to say to all of this. The central branch has been in threat in the past. Why does public opinion not matter? If it moves off a bus route over 1,000 people could be effected by this move

      • Lily says:

        Krystal, I agree that they should been looking to repurpose existing buildings. Along the downtown core there are many great buildings/spaces that can be used. Instead of rebuilding and moving, remodel and create a permanent space. I also like the idea of a coffee shop and green space.

  3. Pam says:

    Why do they keep trying to change the main library? What’s wrong with the current building and location? I feel like the people that make these decisions about the library doesn’t actually use the library themselves.

    • Harvey says:

      The current building has been sold to the Downtown Mission, that’s why they are looking for another location.

  4. Nell Enns says:

    Take over
    WINDSOR, ON, N9A 1C2

  5. Cheryl Bayley says:

    Idea for the new Central library is in the Ottawa St area. With same services as the current main(Central) branch.

  6. Robert Ross says:

    I would love to see the Central branch continue to be a valuable centre for community gatherings and as a resource for public education. When my children were younger we were regulars at the Early Years Centre; and earlier this week and throughout this year the Windsor/ Essex County Community Garden Collective hosts gardening and local food-related workshops. I believe that embracing the Central branch’s role as a community hub could and ought to be a central point of emphasis.

    Selfishly, I’ll be saddened to see the branch likely move beyond what was a pleasant walking distance for my family; but I think our city’s core would be well served by continuing to have an important institution like this remain an integral part of it.

  7. MPF says:

    Construct a new award winning eco-green building as part of the Riverfront Park area. How lovely it would be to have a spacious building (solar panel roofs or roof top community gardens) on the Detroit River with lots of glass and even balconies and a cafe; all as part of a seamless ‘place of mind’ merging with inspiring vistas of nature as seen throughout the changing seasons. Location could be near a future (or existing) art centre, Nature reserve, or such.

    We need to reconnect with nature. In a library, we could look out the window and see the ships passing, and the ice floes in winter; migrating birds and monarchs.

    Have a secure/monitored parking garage downtown that has shuttles to various downtown locations including the new library (do not take away green space for Riverfront parking lots….bletch).

  8. Frank's Reid says:

    The new library should be centrally located with an ample children’s and youth area for activities to attract core students.

  9. June says:

    I agree with Ronald, the library should not find a temporary location, but focus on finding a permanent one first. It’s silly to waste resources on two moves. It would be nice to see the library take over one of the many vacant buildings in downtown Windsor (preferably with it’s own parking lot so the library patrons don’t have to pay to park).

  10. Philippa says:

    Windsor has a horrible habit of devaluing its historical buildings, and replacing them with mediocre structures that don’t age well. The Central Branch is a beautiful and iconic library in a very accessible location, and I would rather see $$$ invested into making it a more energy efficient library.

    I am very upset about the way this transaction was announced. Whose decision was this? Why was there no public discussion about moving the library?

    I know the building is costing a lot to maintain, but to sell it with no clear interim or long term plan is not a smart solution. It certainly doesn’t make sense to me for the Mission to take it over if maintenance is the issue, though I realize that’s their problem to solve. They know what they are getting themselves into.

    • Marlene says:

      Hello Philippa

      The Downtown Mission will need to get a zoning change and residents in the area have to be notified months in advance and around a certain radius before the City of Windsor makes the change. Of course, unless those City Councilors that sit on the Library board as well, have the fix in for that too. The guy responsible for informing the public about the announcement lied that the press announcement was on the City’s website. The City has so much contempt for democracy even the staff at the library were informed. This wouldn’t occur if the media in Windsor wasn’t so arrogant and a player in the City of Windsor’s corruption. Its how Runn Don got the money to buy up all these properties around the library that smells. He admitted that the library is turning into RGI units upstairs so that means the money is coming from the Service Manager under the Social Housing Reform Act – so the City is involved and Dilkens & Crew were in conflict when making this arrangement. There should be a criminal investigation into municipal corruption but that won’t happen because Windsor Police Service is corrupt along with the City. Maybe you can arrange a group and put up lawn signs to combat the corruption.

  11. Abb Naklie says:

    I think the current site is great and should remain!!! However, as said, it’s been sold. And of course, the new site WILL / SHOULD cost no more than what what the city is getting for the current site otherwise monetarily it makes no sense to move! If substantial additional money is needed for the new site, then the deal should be cancelled and that extra money that would be needed be spent elsewhere around the city (EG: FIXING POTHOLES etc !!!) ….not unless the mayor and whoever set this process in motion pay any difference out of their own personal pockets………

  12. Jenn Ball says:

    I am a teacher at Dougall Public School and writing based on my experience as an educator at a downtown school. Since many of our families use the services at the Central Branch, the new branch should be located in the downtown core. In the past, when Ms. Janet worked at the Central Branch, we would often bring our classes to events at the library. Some teachers even visited the library weekly. I would like to see these programs being offered again. My students were always very eager to use the Tech Hub and engage in hands on activities. I suggest making technology a priority for our 21st century learners and making the tech space larger and more accessible.

    • Jodie says:

      Hi Jenn,
      Ms. Janet moved, but the rest of our staff is eager to have classes from Dougall come for visits. I have personally brought 2 packets of invites to your office since January 1st telling teachers we miss them, so not sure if the info made it to the teachers. Contact me at jdoe@windsorpubliclibrary.com to set something up. Also, not sure what grade you teach but Christopher Paul Curtis is coming for our school event March 22 and we still have room for classes! We’d love to see you for the rest of this school year and most of next!

    • Steve Hammond says:

      Really encouraging to see a local teacher chiming in about the Tech Hub at the library. The next generation engaged in a communal setting that encourages young people to engage themselves in a core part of Windsor. I personally think this is a symbol needed for the downtown core.

  13. T. Green says:

    The new library should have more computer stations, more collaborative spaces such as sofas, tables (chess/game boards). It would be great if they could have an on site cafe too! Improve technology, language resources and offer more classes for education and/or general interest. Free parking would be nice as well.

  14. Christina says:

    I’d love to see something built on that big empty lot on Goyeau, across from the Beer Store. I think it used to be the site of a bingo hall. It’s a nice, central downtown location, and building a library on that lot would definitely help to revitalize that general area.

  15. Janine says:

    I am a little confused why they have an image of the Halifax Central Library in this article when they do not make reference to it at all. I feel that the Central Library should stay in the downtown core because it brings people to the core that may not otherwise come. Also, with the university and college investing in a campus downtown, the students may need a closer reference point than their main campus library. I believe the city should take a leaf from the University’s book and retro fit an old building that is wasting away downtown, preferably one they already own.

  16. Linda Qin says:

    I left a long message right after your post, where is it? Could you please give me an explanation? Otherwise, I will have to find a way to get my answer! Thank you!

  17. Brenda Schmidt says:

    I will miss the present location of the library because I only live next door & it sure was close for me to visit the library often .I think the library should stay in the downtown area so people would have access to the new location. Many people visit the library everyday .It is a wonderful place to visit & be able to get books ,video’s or just to sit & relax .I definitely will miss this library very much however will be looking forward to the new location in the future.

  18. Towela Okwudire says:

    I hope it stays downtown. Where those who need access to literacy and resources (including myself) are able to. Please don’t make the library an elite thing. It is for everybody. If you move, green space would be lovely…and with a coffee shop inside!

  19. Mary says:

    I would like to say that I think it would be a wonderful time to think about putting the new library in the Ottawa Street Area. If you want to go to the library, you either have to go downtown or to Remington area or the East End or West End. I would also like to say that the Windsor Police Services are not corrupt and they work tirelessly every day and night to ensure that we are safe. I am very proud of them. It is very mean and cruel to say this. We all should be lifting them up and praying for them, rather than tearing them down. I am going to miss the downtown Library, but the Mission is doing a wonderful job and kudos to them. I wish them and the Windsor Police Services and the Library all the best.
    My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.


  20. Patrick says:

    I do like the concept of a look that is similar to the Halifax building and keeping it in the downtown core like along the river front with the third floor cantilevered facing the Detroit River and the view of Detroit Michigan across the river. I’m excited to see and visit our new future library.

  21. KeriAnn says:

    For forty years, perhaps longer, the downtown library has been a gathering place, a meeting place for groups, information sharing, writing, reading, “hanging out”. I’m sad to see it has been given a directive from city council to “shrink”.

    I’m not so sure the technological age needs this move …. perhaps it is more the city’s budget demanding it.

    Sigh … why is the bottom line always money instead of history.

  22. Lorne says:

    The central branch should stay right where it is. It should not move at all, It is in a good location currently and has an adequate amount of space. This is our asset as taxpayers and it should not be sold for pennies on the dollar. It will cost us more to move the library then we will gain from its sale. This proposed sale needs to be stopped and this should be an election issue.

  23. Scott says:

    Once again, Windsor’s city council proves they have absolutely no vision.

  24. Linda Qin says:

    I’m strongly against selling the library. The library is perfect now, for its location, space and arrangement. It has been an historical building. The current mayor should consider the taxpayers’ benefit more than his own. Please stop using your power that we gave you to destroy the community before your leaving office! Leaving it for the next mayor to make wiser decision!

  25. Vicki says:

    I always judge what a company or business feels about their customers by the state of the public washrooms. The washrooms at Central are crummy. I have been in Windsor now for almost 10 years and nothing has been done to renovate them.

    So, despite all the public input into what library patrons may want in their new Central branch, I think the Library Board will go ahead and do whatever the Board wants to do; damn the torpedoes; full steam ahead. And sorry, librarians, for the run-on sentence.

  26. Bilal Rana says:

    Windsor public libraries are often very loud places. This is particularly true of smaller branches like Forest Glade and Seminole. I find that library staff talk among themselves so loudly that their voices carry throughout the entire library. For those of us looking to use the library, not as a meeting place but more as a place of quiet reading and reflection, I would ask: kindly incorporate designated quiet places into your new library designs, sound proof ones even, where the conversations of library staff will not reverberate through the entire building. .

  27. Taylor says:

    Central library should absolutely stay in the downtown area so it’s accessible from many bus routes. There are tons of empty buildings and lots all over the area. There’s so many people who live over here, who pass by every day, it would be crazy to put it anywhere else.

  28. Crystal says:

    Hello, excited for this new opportunity for the library. It would be great to have a larger kids space to really explore and play. I love bringing my daughter to the library but I am always afraid we might be too loud for those around reading. Having a separate kids space where kids can be kids and begin their love of books would be fantastic. Perhaps a place where kids events can take place and learning through fun.

    An outdoor space would be fantastic as well such as a courtyard where people can read outside if it’s nice, gardening classes can take place and maybe even a community garden.

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