Seed Library and Demonstration Garden Opens at Central Library

Central Library will be home to a SEED LIBRARY and DEMONSTRATION GARDEN thanks to Councillor and Library Board member, Rino Bortolin, who directed over $1,200 of Ward Funds to the project.

Located on the second floor balcony fronting Ouellette Avenue, the container garden will focus on growing vegetables and herbs, with some flowers and fruit when possible.
“We’re hoping the demonstration garden encourages local residents living in apartments or homes without access to a garden to try growing their own produce in containers, pots and or other small spaces,” says WPL CEO Kitty Pope.

Later this summer, staff will begin to offer programs on gardening and cooking demonstrations for customers using produce from the garden. Information sheets on growing specific vegetables will be available as will a seed library similar to that already  open at Forest Glade Library.

While the balcony is not yet accessible to the public, there are large windows and a comfortable seating area looking onto the garden. All plants are clearly labelled and staff available to answer any questions customers may have.


Christine Arkell
519-255-6770 Ext. 4517 (office)

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