Seed Library Gets “Pat on the Back” Award

The Windsor Public Library is honoured to have received the Pat on the Back award in recognition of our Seed Lending Library.

The Windsor Essex County Environment Committee’s Pat on the Back award is a prize given to local environmental projects occurring in Windsor and Essex County. This prestigious award is given to projects that display exemplary grassroots environmental improvement in the community.

The Seed Library was started at the Forest Glade Library is collaboration with the Windsor-Essex Community Garden Collective.  Since March we have been offering dozens of seed varieties to the public to help them grow plants, vegetables, and flowers for their private or community garden.

Windsor Public Library offers a big thank you to the Windsor Essex County Environment Committee for considering the Seed Library for this award and to the Windsor-Essex Community Garden Collective for helping make the Seed Library such an incredible success.

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2 Responses to "Seed Library Gets “Pat on the Back” Award"

  1. fran says:

    my dad would like this…
    please send me info on “seed lending library”…
    thank you…

    • madeinwindsor says:

      Thanks for your interest in our Seed Lending Libraries! At this point, most branches have discontinued their seed collections until the late winter/early spring. I believe the exception to this at the W.F. Chisholm Branch at 1075 Ypres which chooses to keep theirs available year round. For more information on how the Seed Lending Libraries work please email

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