Learn a New Language (or improve your English) with Mango

Mango. Es un programa fantastico! 

Summertime is almost here…do you have any big plans? Backpacking through Europe? Mountain climbing in Tanzania? Cruising the South Pacific?  Or, are you in my boat (or in this case lack thereof), and more likely to experience culture/nature on a bit more of local level – say, visiting Carousel of Nations and strolling the waterfront trails.  Regardless of where you’ll be and who you’ll see, you can’t really go wrong with honing your international conversational skills – you never know when they’ll come in handy.  Perhaps it’s your English that could use a little improvement? Mango’s got that covered too.

What is Mango?

-An online tool that helps you to learn conversational skills in the world’s most popular languages – there are over 40 to choose from!

-It has a translation tool built right in for specific inquiries.

-It’s web-based, offering you anytime anywhere access.  You can store your progress, and then just pick up where you left off next time you log-in.

-It’s also available as an app.  Plug in your headphones and learn while you’re on the go!  You can even use your mic to practice pronunciation!

-It’s available free to any WPL customer with a library card and pin number.

A Demo: The video speaks for itself!


My favourite hidden gem?

One of the languages offered is Pirate! How fun is that? If pirates ever invade our GreatLake waters, I’ll be prepared.  “Avast, ye Swashbuckler’s – hoist yer sails and head-ho.”

To access Mango Languages, click here.  Or, hover on Downloads, choose databases, and click on Mango Languages.

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