Staff Book Review – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

If you loved Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park as much as we did then I’m sure you’re curious about her latest – Fangirl. Here’s what WPL staff member Chelsie thinks!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Cath Avery is really good at being a fan. Raised by her father from the age of 8, Cath’s life has revolved around two people: her twin sister Wren and a fictional character by the name of Simon Snow. As kids, Cath and Wren filled their rooms with Simon Snow posters, dressed up as characters from the books at movie premiers, and even wrote fan fiction. Now entering their freshman year of college, Wren decides to start fresh, make new friends, and leave the fandom world of Simon Snow behind.  Cath, however, isn’t ready to adapt to college life. She struggles between making new friends and having a roommate other than her sister. She is worried about her father that is all alone. And most importantly, she put off by her English professor who believes that fan fiction is a joke!

Will Cath survive her freshman year of college? Can she live on her own without her twin sister by her side? 
Starting a new school is frightening. The felling of where do you go, what do you do, and figuring out a routine is tough to do on your own. Cath always depended on Wren and expected her to be there throughout this journey. But, when Wren decides to ditch her twin, Cath is left feeling abandoned and terribly lonely. Rainbow Rowell understands real life and her characters are as real as it gets. You recognize yourself in the characters. You have a best friend just like one of them. You laugh right when you’re supposed to. You feel the embarrassment.  You empathize with the characters because you have been there once in your life.

Follow Cath as she learns to write her own stories in Fangirl by placing a hold here.

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