The Teen Zone Drop-in Centre
is an after-school program.

Looking for a welcoming space to hang out, meet new people, play games, do homework and explore your artistic side? Take part in fun workshops and assist us in planning interesting programs. Snacks will be provided.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, from
3:15 pm to 4:45 pm, Central Library.

Tuesday, October 7, “Create your own unique photo holder”. For more information please call 519-255-6770, Ext. 4579.

An event devoted to the arts
for youth ages 7 to 15.
Each week we will do a craft activity or game related to an art including, sketching, improv, acting, poetry and more. For more information call 519-255-6770, Ext. 5500.

Tuesday, September 30, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Remington Park Library.

The Eastside Windsor Yoga
Studio will be joining some
of our regularly scheduled storytimes!
The peaceful practice of yoga encourages physical activity, offers tactile stimulation and enhances non-verbal communication between caregiver and child.

For more information call 519-255-6770 and the extension of the branch.

- Friday, October 2 and November 7, 10:30 am at Forest Glade Library (ext. 5400)
- Wednesday, November 26, 11:00 am at Budimir (ext. 3300)

Kids join us for a fun
afternoon of stories, misadventures and games and a really weird craft. All will make your day the opposite of Alexander’s. Ages 3 to 13. To register call 519-255-6770, Ext. 4579.

Saturday, October 4, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Central Library.

Mad Hatter day is a great day
to be silly and celebrate
silliness. Come out and join us for a Mad Hatter Tea Party. Ages 3 and up. For more information call 519-255-6770, Ext. 6620.

Monday, October 6, from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Riverside Library.

NOVELIST…a gold mine for fiction readers

I’d wager that most library staff (myself included) look forward to patrons asking them a version of the following question: “Read anything good lately?” That’s usually an easy one! More difficult are the questions dealing with authors or genres that we’re not familiar with or perhaps have never even heard of. “You want a viking time-travel mystery novel?”  Hmmmm, give me a sec to think about it. That’s when we frantically start rooting through our bag of tricks.  Google is a good friend at times like Continue Reading...
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The Goal: Celebrating the Summit Series and the Return of Hockey

The cold war provided the brilliant setup for a great moment in canadian history: The Paul Henderson goal in 1972.  It was 42 years ago, on September 27th 1972 that Canada beat the Soviet Union.  What was supposed to be dominant professionals teaching an “amateur” side how to play a game turned into an epic clash, embodying the battle of ideals, that has embedded itself into Canadian folklore.  If you’re someone like me, you weren’t even around for the goal but it still holds  special significance Continue Reading...
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Saturday Crafternoon: September 27

This Saturday we’re taking discarded office supplies to make a really cool craft! We’ll be using unneeded CD sleeves and old file folders — in addition to a ton of traditional craft supplies — to create a unique holder for photos, keepsakes, or CDs/DVDs/Video games. It’s a fun craft that’s also practical! This craft is suited to all ages. Smaller children are welcome to do simple coloring and older children can do more elaborate collages and decoration on their holders. The only limiter is their creativity! Continue Reading...
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Don’t forget to Vote for our November Goodreads club!

Have you voted for our November Goodreads book yet? The numbers are tight and every vote counts! So far we have Light Lifting in the lead with 41.7% of the vote but Half Blood Blues is following closely with 33.3% of the vote closely followed by Lullabies for Little Criminals 16.7% and The Imperfectionists  with 8.3%. So far no one has voted for The Sisters Brothers or Runaway (Stories) but there’s still time and anything could win. I’ve personally voted for Half Blood Blues but it seems like there are a lot of Continue Reading...
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HOOPLA UPDATE…it’s music to our ears!

You’ve been hearing us promote our Hoopla video downloading service for a while. Well, things have just gotten even more exciting in Hoopla-land. In addition to movies and TV shows, you can now download music and audiobooks through the same easy-to-use Hoopla interface! The Hoopla music catalogue is very impressive with over 100,000 albums in a variety of genres available for you to check out. This collection is growing daily as newly released albums are arriving in Hoopla the same day they appear on iTunes. You can Continue Reading...
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Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen: Canadian Writer-Poet-Musician Turns 80

This week marks the 80th birthday of Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, and novelist, Leonard Cohen. Born in Westmont, Quebec on September 21, 1934, Mr. Cohen has received numerous accolades and praise during his eight decades on this Earth, being recognized as one of our Nation’s most gifted writers and musicians. He was awarded the Prince of Asturias award for literature, was appointed a Companion of the Order of Canada, and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, Continue Reading...
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