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Thanks to Anna from Budimir’s Teen Advisory Group for another great book review.

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
  Annabel Greene is lucky girl with two loving parents and two older sisters living in a huge glass house with nice clothes. She’s popular, has lots of friends, and oh yes, she models. Annabel is perfect and has everything. Or so it seems. Unfortunately, her life is quite a distance from being perfect, starting with her sister’s eating disorder and her badly-ended friendship with her best friend. With hardly any choice, Annabel isolates herself from the rest of the world and retreats into silence, thinking this is the way she was meant to be. But then she meets music-intense Owen who has anger management issues but always tells the truth. Soon, Annabel begins to learn her true self and learns to obtain the confidence she lost the night she and her best friend stopped being friends.
 The New York Times best-selling author, Sarah Dessen, leads her readers into a new perspective as we put on the glasses of a girl who looks perfect. However, as we know, looks are deceiving. From the start of the novel, we meet Annabel on television as a model but as the novel begins to progress, we learn that she hates modeling and finds a huge interest in music, which connects her with Owen, the big angry guy who’s never see without his iPod. Many areas of the book caused me to burst with intense emotion while others sparked a new type of laughter in me, but at the end, my satisfaction was filled to the rim. Looking for a packed novel with every emotion attached? Grab Just Listen from your local library and begin a story waiting to be unfolded. 

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