This video provides information on Indigenous resources and community groups available in the Windsor-Essex region.

*non exhaustive list

Community and Culture

Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre – (CAIFC) – Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre

Métis Nation of Ontario – Windsor Office – Community Support Services

Caldwell First Nation: Culture and Language

Housing and Shelter

Can-Am Urban Native Homes

Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services

Indigenous Housing Advocate

Health and Wellness

Community Wellness Worker

Urban Indigenous Healthy Living- Healthy Kids Program (Ages 0-18)

Métis Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program

Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre – Windsor Site

Windsor Regional Hospital – Windsor Regional Cancer Centre – Indigenous Navigator 

Health and Mental Health – Children, Youth & Families

Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre – (CAIFC) – Health and Mental Health – Adults

Health and Mental Health – Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

Caldwell First Nation General Health and Mental Health

Indigenous Alcohol & Drug Worker Program

Education and Employment

Aboriginal Child Resource Centre


Financial and Legal

Legal Assistance of Windsor: Indigenous Justice Support

Support for Families

Family Wellness Worker

Support for Women

Talk 4 Healing

Ontario Native Women’s Association  (outside of Windsor/Essex but provides support)

Support for Youth

Indigenous Child & Youth Mental Health and Addictions Program