Join Dr. Becky and Howie as they discuss how eclipses work and what you can do to safely view the upcoming solar eclipse.


Celebrate Pride Month with WPL! Dr. Becky & Howie demonstrate a simple experiment you can perform at home to create your own rainbow using only paper and a CD!

Learn about fossils and how to make amber slime with Dr. Becky & Howie. Also make sure to check out our Downtown Dinosaur Dig at Central Library on January 20th & 21st.


Join Dr. Becky & Howie as they demonstrate how you can build and launch your own bottle rocket into the sky!


Learn about gases with Howie and Becky.

Howie makes some noise in this video about sound waves.

Howie learns about stars.

Becky and Howie start to explore what climate change is, and why we need to care.


Learn more about density.

Watch today’s cool experiment and learn with Howie and Becky

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