YA Book Review – Raging Star by Moira Young

Central’s Library Live volunteer, Micheal Lee, reviews the dystopian scifi novel, “Raging Star” by Moira Young:

The novel Raging Star is the final novel of the Dust Lands trilogy. Written by Moira Young, writing her first series, this book ends off with an unforgettable adventure, filled with action and suspension. It’s a book given high praise by readers all over. The story gives a feeling quite similar to The Hunger Games, as Saba and her friends must defeat DeMalo and end his vision of the New Eden.

After rescuing Emmi, things get more complicated as ever for Saba. She must secretly communicate with Jack away from the others because they do not know he is still alive and they all despise him. She also must control her emotions following the death of Maev, as she feels her death is the result of her clouded judgement. She feels a connection with DeMalo, but does not let anyone know, she feels drawn to him and his vision. She is afraid her dark secret will soon be found.  Jack and her resistance friends find ways to attack DeMalo, as they find out his visions and aims are all lies. In reality, he wants the people to live as slaves and in inequality. DeMalo then gives her the opportunity of a lifetime: a marriage proposal. If she marries DeMalo, he will leave her friends in peace, and they will rule together. Will Saba give up on her friends, or will they plot to take down DeMalo once and for all?

The main characters in the story are Saba, Jack and their friends. Saba is a daunting girl, as she is stubborn and determined, no matter how hard the obstacles are that she faces. She has been through many deaths, and has a hard time controlling and easing her mind. She has many dark secrets she must hide from her friends, like her connection with DeMalo. Her brother, Lugh seems to be her exact opposite. Although he is her twin, they are completely different. He seems to change in many ways after being captured by the King, and sometimes looks at Saba with disgust and disappointment because he doesn’t understand her plans. He despises Jack, as he believes he clouds Saba’s judgement.  Ash and Creed are all that’s left of the FreeHawks, as Maev dies saving Saba. Jack is a mysterious figure. He feels love for Saba but must steer clear of her friends, Lugh and Tommo  because they both immensely despise him. Though with the resistance by her side, Saba knows deep down that she must somehow stop DeMalo once and for all, to fight for the equality of all humans.

This story is written in the perspective of Saba, an imperfect but determined heroine. She must hide her secrets and lies, and at the same time, take charge with the resistance to stop DeMalo. The author has done a great job of writing what’s going on in Saba’s mind, as she struggles to control her emotions and actions. In her perspective, the author has also given us a great vision of how Saba feels for DeMalo, a vivid but mysterious love, having feelings for him similar to those she feels for Jack. Saba is in her own world of confusion, rage, secrecy and love.

The novel doesn’t have as much action as the first two novels, though it is filled with equal amounts of intensity, romance and suspense. Character development is very clear in this book, as many characters have evolved.  All characters played an important role in this last novel, as they all use their efforts against DeMalo.

Saba has a hard time seeing what’s wrong and right, as Demalo’s charisma and charm clouds her judgement. But in the novel, Saba finds out that the New Eden is run on weak foundations, as people are forced to act against their own will. What will Saba do?

Saba throughout the book keeps making horrible decisions, but that also shows the readers that she is only human, and is a little girl in a world of chaos. I love how the author has given us quite a frustrated feeling, like wanting to shake Saba, and to talk some sense into her. Another great thing to point out is how well the author shows how Saba feels lying to her friends and keeping Jack and Demalo’s secret to herself. In some parts of the story, Saba just wants to tell everyone her secrets and to confess all of her lies, but she holds back.

I wish the author wrote more about DeMalo, and who he was before King Vicar. Going into the end of the story, something shocking happens, as Tommo and DeMalo have a connection. I wish the authors would give the readers some background information of how Demalo and Tommo knew each other prior.

The book has a shocking ending, but i won’t reveal it here. It was a proper way to end the book, as at one point, it seemed as if all hope was lost.  It is crazy twist towards the end, and I feel it was a great way to end a magnificent series.

This novel is recommended for readers who enjoy a thrill, a book that makes your heart stop. Be sure to read the first two novels in the series as the plot is very deep and complex.  Filled with some violence, this book is for young adults and adults only. It also contains slang, as Saba speaks in a unique way.

A beautifully written book that I am sure readers will be sad that the thrilling adventure is over. One of the best series I’ve read, a book I surely won’t forget.

Rating: 9.2/10

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