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We’re lucky to have another new teen book reviewer. Thanks, Shiwei, for sharing you love of books with us!

Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer  (4/5 stars)

At first the book started off on such a light note, a very typical book that any tween girl would’ve enjoyed. But man, did I underestimate this book. The summarization had an ordinary theme going on- a smart nerd discovering herself through her high school years while snagging a hottie McHottie along the roller coaster ride. In an essence, the book was kind of following that plot , except the author had really paid attention to the little details. The first few chapters were pretty shallow, as expected, but as the story evolved, The main character, Gigi, developed pretty well over the course of the book and she became such a witty and powerful girl! (Made it impossible to hate her). And speaking of well-developed, the supporting characters really added something special! Gigi and her two besties, Bea and Neerja were like the Powerpuff girls (except maybe a bit more Harry Potter obsessed ). I enjoyed how the story evolved along with the group, not just based off of what was solely happening to Gigi- this really just made it like an adventure. Oh! And did I mention that the writing style which the author had possessed was mad crazy, like crazy good. Instead of boring scribbles on pages following through events, Sarah really made sure to keep the readers entertained. The sentences were filled with wittiness and crazy laughs, it really hit the nail on the head with teenage problems. The serious notes that pulled the story through were so very true to itself and I’m pretty sure every teenage girl can relate to it. Overall, this book was a light fluff that made your insides all warm and gooey (like some good ole’ S’mores) while revealing the reality of a teenage life without twisting and skimping on what was the cold hard truth.

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