Divergent Trilogy Comes to a Close

October 22 was an exciting day for fans of Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent’ trilogy: The third and final installment of the series, ‘Allegiant’, finally hit the stores. If you loved ‘Divergent,’ as much as I did, then I’m sure you’re clamoring to see what happens to Tris and company in the last book! Luckily for you Windsor Public Library has lots of copies of ‘Allegiant’ on order. Click here to place a hold.

The fansite is giving those who don’t yet have a copy of the book a chance to hear the first chapter. And the best part? You’ll hear it from ‘Allegiant’ author Veronica Roth herself! Click here to see the video.

While you’re waiting to read the rest of the story, why not check out some of these YA dystopian books. This cool flow chart was created by the Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, Kansas and has lots of choices for great reads.  I’d have to say that ‘Divergent’ is my favorite of this genre, but Lauren Oliver’s ‘Delirium‘ is a close second.

What’s your favorite dystopian tale? We’d love to hear your comments.

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