Library Gears Up For Expanded Outreach Opportunities

Much like the recent reincarnation of 1970s muscle cars, their present day nameplates have very little in common with their predecessors. Likewise, bookmobiles from the same era bear no similarity with versions seen on the road today. They are bristling with the latest technology, innovative library programming and serve as community WIFI hubs.

With the recent purchase of a customized GMC vehicle, Windsorites have the opportunity and freedom to read, educate and discover what Windsor Public Library has to offer…wherever you live in the community. A variety of resources will be available on board, including programs, WIFI, access to computers and a printer, opportunities to experiment with technology from the Library Tech Hub, as well the ability for customers to borrow and return books, movies and video games. There will also be a new tool lending library for those attempting small projects at home.

Affectionately known as FRED, scheduled outreach visits and special event appearances will be listed here.

Watch the video about our Bookmobile service.

For information or to book FRED call Christine at 519-255-6770 x4517 or email her at

3 Responses to "Bookmobile"

  1. Leisa says:

    Thank you for your comments, Ron. The bookmobile will be visiting various locations (Windsor Housing, Long Term Care Facilities etc.) where library access is not readily available on a 3-week rotating basis. We hope to have the schedule posted to the website soon. We will also be visiting special events and festivals throughout the year.

    We should also point out that we do have an accessibility services department that is able to deliver books to those who have difficulty visiting the library to borrow materials. Should you wish to learn more about this service, you can contact our coordinator at 519-255-6770×4404.

  2. Shelley Bracci says:

    I was wondering how this might be used for my students. Can you offer some suggestions? I teach grade three students at Ford City Public School. Thank you.

  3. Kelly M says:

    My first “real” job after babysitting was as a clerk in a bookmobile. That was the best! What great memories I have of those times. It made me so sad when the communities across the US and Canada began eliminating their bookmobile programs. I’m so happy to see this great service making a comeback!

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