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To suggest an addition to the Library’s collection,¬†please log in Bibliocommons to suggest a purchase.

You will be asked your library card number and password.

Go to the form.

4 Responses to "Recommend a Title"

  1. Guy Swain says:

    I keep trying to suggest a title for purchase (Lot: Stories – Bryan Washington). I submit my request and the next time I check it has disappeared.

  2. Karen E.McLeod says:

    I would like to know if the Library board could obtain more of Rachel Starr Thomson’s books for the libraries. She is a local author whose family still lives in Windsor. You only have a few of her books and I am interested in reading more of her books. Please get back to me and let me know.

    Karen E.McLeod

  3. #TheyUsedTo is a short story meant to inspire tweens and young adults. It would be a great addition to any library. ISBN 978-1-5255-3291-7

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