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The adult literacy program is a community-based volunteer organization which provides a variety of services to enable adults to achieve personal goals through literacy. We also assist learners to utilize the public library as a resource for lifelong learning.

“This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario and through the Canada-Ontario Job Fund Agreement”.

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Literacy Definition
The ability to read, write, calculate, speak, and understand, as well as sign (for the Deaf) and communicate in other forms of language, according to need. Literacy is a continuum of these skills necessary for everyday life in the home, at work, in education, and in the community. Basic skills are the additional skills a learner needs to use their literacy skills, such as, digital technology, interpersonal skills, problem solving and critical thinking.


– Through the contributions of trained volunteer tutors, one-on-one tutoring held at library branches convenient to both the tutor and learner.
– Free classes for learners focused on employment goals. These classes take place at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre, 401 Pitt Street.
– Free weekly classes in which we teach reading, writing, numeracy and self-management skills to adults with developmental challenges. These classes also take place at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre, 401 Pitt Street.
-Classes to introduce and build on computer literacy skills.  These classes could be at the WIATC or held at other social organizations.
– Through training and support, we help build the skills and abilities of our volunteer tutors so that they gain confidence and fulfillment in teaching an adult to read.
– Adult literacy upgrading for the Deaf.


We can help you achieve your goals!
We provide training that is:

  1. Transition-oriented
  2. Task-based
  3. Goal-directed
  4. Learner-centred

In order to be eligible for our literacy program, you must be:
– An Ontario resident.
– An adult whose literacy and basic skills are assessed at intake as being less than end of Level 3 of the International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey (IALSS) or the OALCF.
– At least 19 years old.
– Proficient enough in speaking and listening to benefit fully from the language of LBS instruction (English). Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 6 for speaking and listening is the recommended minimum level of proficiency required to benefit from LBS instruction. This eligibility requirement does not apply to a Deaf learner.

For the adult literacy student we provide:
– Free one-on-one tutoring
– High-interest low-level materials
– Tutor matching based on convenient time and location
– Information, referral, and support
– Computer assisted instruction

Contact us for more information, or to schedule an assessment:

Windsor Public Library
Adult Literacy Program
185 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 5S8
Phone: (519) 255-6770 ext. 4460


Two (2) hours a week of instruction. Allow enough time between lessons for independent work by the learner.

Minimum of 12 months.

Provide encouragement and support by
– Helping the learner develop self-concept and self-worth by complimenting them on their efforts, problem-solving strategies, participation in lessons and even their appearance
– Showing acceptance of learner by listening to what they have to say and demonstrating personal concern
– Helping learner develop a positive attitude toward learning by giving them learning tasks that they are able to perform and praising their performance and effort
– Encouraging learner to continue responding to difficult materials by being supportive rather than critical of their mistakes
– Meeting regularly and punctually

  1. Give learners lessons designed just for them according to their personal, academic and employability goals.
  2. Review with learner the work they have completed independently.
  3. Report to the Coordinator regularly on learner progress and any changes in schedule.
  4. Keep a record / journal of learner progress.

For more information on Volunteering for this and other programs at WPL, please see our Volunteers’ page.

To apply to be a volunteer, fill out this form and send to the email address above.

Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutor Application

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  1. Joan Morrissey says:

    I’m interested in volunteering. I’m a retired University of Windsor professor with 30 years of teaching experience. I’d like to give back to the community. However, we do travel about 6 weeks a year – 3 weeks at a time at most. I’m not a morning person! I do have some mobility issues related to a back problem but I’d love to help.

  2. Vanderson says:

    Please John help me to improve my English skills.
    Thank you

  3. Lori Stach says:

    Hi, I would like to bring my senior mom and dad in to learn how to navigate the internet. I will be in Windsor from Sat, June 29 until Sunday, July 14th. Could you please contact me via email above or text my cell, 403 988-5361 and I will bring them to you.
    Lori Stach

  4. Denise Daniel says:

    To whom it may concern I looking for Adult literary classes

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