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Central library’s Library Live volunteer, Michael Lee, reviews the book “Imovie: The missing manual, the book that should have been in the box.” By David Pogue & Aaron miller

The book Imovie The missing manual, is a book for everyone who wants to learn how to use Imovie, whether they are masters or they have no prior experience. Written by David Pogue and Aaron Miller, The missing manual series is known for being very descriptive, and includes the best manuals for learning new things, as their books are said to be all well written and “should have been in the box”.

The book is rich in content on how to use Imovie. Starting in the Introduction, it explains what Imovie is and describes its history. Lucky, if you’ve already used Imovie, and want to learn some new cool features, you can skip the intro and get right into it. The book has 23 chapters, helping you master Imovie as quickly as possible. It not only teaches you how to use Imovie for Mac, but also lets you learn how to use Imovie for your IOS devices.

People who have a Macbook and don’t know how to use Imovie should really try out this book, as Imovie is a very advanced and simple software, that can help you with school projects, creating awesome home videos, or even editing videos for your own movie.

What I love about this book is how easy it is to understand everything. Unlike other manuals, this book has pictures to guide you to where you need to be. Backing up every description, they include a visual representation, which personally gave me humongous benefits. As mentioned before, the authors give you a descriptive background history of the Imovie, which can really help educate readers. The book is very well written and I have not had any problems with missing information in the book. It’s also easy to understand, making it easy to master Imovie in about a week.

The book doesn’t just teach you about the functions, they also give you expert advice on how to use the app to its fullest potential, giving you recommendations on how to add artistic effects in certain videos, that help enhance the experience.

The book also has an appendix that has a list of shortcuts and a visual cheat sheet, to save you time on your projects. I appreciate how well the book is written, and you can clearly tell that the author has spent much effort to make the book as useful as possible, in the simplest ways. The book covers everything you need to know about Imovie, from transitions and themes, to importing videos and photos.

This book is recommended for people who really want to learn how to use Imovie. It is easy to understand and is for everyone who wants to use Imovie. You can learn from this book without prior knowledge, or you can expand what you already know.

This book is one of the best manual books I’ve ever read, as I will be sure to continue reading the missing manual series for anything else I want to learn in the future.

Rating: 9.5/10

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