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Thanks to Teen Advisory Group member Shiwei for sharing another awesome review with us!

The Black Butterfly by Shirley Reva Vernick (3/5stars)

Right around the Christmas Holidays, Penny’s mom drops in on a surprised: a phone call with news of not coming home and spending the holidays her only daughter to work on one of her “impossible missions”. Instead, Penny finds herself stuck (and loaned) to the remote Black Butterfly Inn in the dead of winter. Isolated, angry and feeling abandoned, Penny discovers friendly (and murderous) ghosts, leaning to understand herself, and most unexpectedly, first love.

First off, if you loved ghosts and discovery, this will be the  book for you (although it wasn’t creepy). If this was based solely on its paranormal scale, i wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much, but based on the plot and other interesting matters, I found this an enjoyable read.

Since her flaky mother had abandoned her with someone else she barely knew, it was a great place to discover herself and what she had wanted. This was the part that I had found the most enjoyable in the book because it was so refreshing seeing her suddenly realizing there’s a whole world out there.

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black butterfly

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