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Shut Out by Kody Keplinger (3/5 stars)

First off, this book definitely had a kick with the storyline. This novel was loosely based off of a greek play called Lysistrata. Shut Out was essentially based on girls organising a relationship strike to put an end to the rivalry between the football and soccer boys. This novel brought out the angle of how powerful and strong-willed women can be (which  made me go all “GOOO EMILY DESCHANEL”). It also underlines the deep rooted connection that you will experience with friends that are loyal, understanding and supportive. What I had really enjoyed about this novel was its character development throughout the story. I was fascinated how Lissa, the main character, had evolved overtime. In the beginning, Lissa had internally contained herself in a little fish bowl, obsessing over control because she was so stressed. But as the story evolved, she began to loosen up and had trusted people after the support and love she is receiving from her friends.

I had also really enjoyed the chemistry between Lissa and the love interest in the story, Cash. The bond between them had an easy flow and it felt very natural, which pushed the story along pretty well, unlike some impossible chemistry that I would’ve encountered when I read a book where the couple who were the main focus had bonded over negative relationships and illogical arguments.

What I had disliked about the book was its very typical High school backstory. In this instance, the story and writing style had a somewhat shallow feel to it that made me wish perhaps a more serious approach would’ve been more  suited. I would also have liked to see some character flaw so I could’ve connected with the story, otherwise, GOLD STARS!!!!

Overall, Shut Out had been a story about High school drama, the importance of friendships and feminism that teenage girls would enjoyed as some light reading 🙂

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