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Time for some more book reviews from Teen Advisory Group member Linda.



Shiloh By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Going out for a walk one day, Marty Preston returns home with a beagle following him. Even though the dog is skinny, injured, and timid, Marty loves him and names him Shiloh. Unfortunately, the dog belongs to Judd Travers, someone known for his animal cruelty. When Shiloh escapes again, Marty builds him a makeshift pen, giving him water and shelter. But one night,Shiloh gets attacked by a German shepherd. While Shiloh’s injuries are taken care of, Marty’s family talks about what they should do. Then, Marty catches Judd shooting a deer out of season, so he makes Judd a bargain. Marty agrees to two weeks of working for Judd in exchange for Shiloh. The whole family is overjoyed as they welcome Shiloh home.

      Shiloh is the heart-warming tale of a boy’s love for a dog. This story shows us that growing up means standing up for what you believe is right.  Marty believed that rescuing Shiloh was right, and he did everything he could. By the end of the story, he gave Shiloh a loving family, just like he promised. This story will leave a beautiful image to all dog lovers.

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Shiloh Season

Shiloh Season By Phillis Reynolds Naylor

Marty Preston can finally call Shiloh his own. The beloved beagle is just as happy as Marty is, and the whole family is overjoyed as well.Shiloh’s injuries have all healed, his fur looking healthier, and he has grown a lot stronger. Marty, his sisters Becky and Dara Lynn, and their parents can finally relax. Everything feels right, until the Prestons hear that Judd has started hunting in the woods near their house. Judd Travers, the previous owner of the beagle, demands Marty to give Shiloh back for him to use during hunting season. He threatens he’ll get Shiloh back no matter what method he has to use. But, Judd is gravely injured in a car accident. The townspeople take good care of him, even though he wasn’t ever nice to any of them. After Judd returns from the hospital, Marty and his father bring Shiloh to visit him. For the first time in his life, Marty sees Judd show some kindness when he starts to pet Shiloh.

I’d recommend this novel to animal lovers, especially kids who consider their pets’ as brothers and sisters. There are many vivid descriptions about how children and dogs grow up together. From this book, we can also see that people can change their attitude towards the world. Judd treated his neighbors and dogs badly because that was how his parents acted. He treats them better after they show him kindness and help him recover.

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