Teen Book Review by Linda

We’re back with another book review from our Teen Advisory Group. Today’s review is from Linda.

Half – Moon Investigations By Eoin Colfer

Fletcher Moon is the youngest licensed private detective of Ireland. At 12 years of age, he has a real detective’s badge, and has solved numerous cases. Then, April Devereux, St. Jerome’s most popular 5th grade girl, comes to Fletcher with a seemingly simple case. Little does Fletcher know what this case will lead him to. After getting brutally attacked, he is rescued by Red Sharkey on the way to the county jail. Since the Sharkeys are the most well-known hooligans of Lock, Fletcher’s reputation isn’t improved. But Red has what Fletcher needs to solve this case, so they must pair up. After many surprises, they come to an unexpected conclusion.

I enjoyed this book mainly because of its humorous language. The author is very good at keeping the story interesting by giving a lot of sudden turns. Fletcher and Red cause the reader to look twice at a person before making a judgment. The friendship formed between these two sets Half – Moon Investigations apart from other detective stories. Though this isn’t a realistic, serious book, it will certainly entertain you, especially if you’re reading just for fun.

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