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Since it still feels like Christmas weather outside, here’s a review to reflect it. Thanks to Budimir Teen Advisory Group’s Anna for the review!

Secret Santa by Sabrina James
  A game of Secret Santa at a high school begins to unravel everyone’s secrets and causes everyone to start guessing. Noelle and Lily, two sophomores at North Ridge High School have been friends since kindergarten and their conversations of nail polish and sleepovers began to spark into other more intense topics. As the principal of their high school announces a meant-to-be-crazy Secret Santa game, Noelle knows right away her gifts are from her senior crush and Froggy, a nerd, thinks it’s the perfect time to get Cecile to fall in love with him. Celia, however, thinks her gifts are from Jake, a “bad boy.” Confusion and romance are at every corner and suspense is killing every heart, until the night of the winter dance. Soon, the students at North Ridge find out more than what they expect, and hearts are made fresh again.
  A cheesy but incredibly hilarious story is told by Jones as she guides every reader into a maze of thrilling confusion. A game originated for kids begins to change into a new form as it is molded to fit high school kids wanting something fun this Christmas. Kindness and love is soon shown through tender gifts straight from the heart and emotions hard to describe are thrown out at every reader. At the end, we learn a cute little lesson about what love is and how it is truly expressed. If you’re looking for something to hang on to the Christmas spirit, flip open Secret Santa, and look forward to a bumpy and laughter-filled ride.

If you’d like to read Anna’s pick, click here to place a hold or find an available copy.

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