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Today’s review comes to us from the Teen Advsiory Group’s Anna. Thanks, Anna!

 Graceling by Kristin Cashore
   Ever since she was little, Katsa found out that she could kill a man with her bare hands. She was called a Graceling, one of the few people in her land that had an extreme skill of some sort. Katsa was a niece of the king but instead of living her life in luxury, she is forced to be a servant of the king’s revenge. Things start to get interesting when Katsa meets Prince Po who is also a Graceling, but of a skill so unique people are afraid of him. With Po, the two Gracelings set off to figure out a mystery of why King Oll was stolen from him own land and eventually, they find out something the never would’ve guessed about a city in their land. Somebody else has a skill too, but it’s in the wrong hands.
   This New York Time’s bestseller novel captured my attention by the first page. The way Cashore writes is like a door inviting somebody in and it’s so unique and interesting that once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. I really liked the way this book started off giving us no background knowledge and inviting us to read more. It was confusing in a fun and interesting way and when the book began to unravel itself, it was eccentric. I’m not much of a fantasy reader but Graceling is unlike any other fantasy you’ve read. The passion and beauty put into the story filled me with a thrill and will give every reader a thrill as well. Open up Graceling and begin to discover a new world. 

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