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Here’s another great review from Teen Advisory Group member, Aleksandra. Check it out!

Book: The Future Of Us by: Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Review by: Aleksandra  


Today Facebook is a common part of our social lives, being a social network for teens and adults to be able to communicate. Back in the 1990’s, 1996 to be exact, there was no Facebook, no real popular online social networks, and people were just being introduced the online world. The two main characters, Emma Nelson and Josh Templeton come across Facebook 15 years into the future when Josh, Emma’s neighbor and currently ex-best friend, brings a new AOL CD to put in her computer. From there on, they deal with trying to keep this Facebook a secret from everyone else all the while trying to save their friends’ futures. As well, their friendship is rekindled and after a broken heart or two, a blooming romance between the two of them appears. In addition, when they discover their future, they realize that the future may not be happy for Emma and this causes problems for both of their futures. Their discovery about Emma’s future is what leads our two main characters to the realization that sometimes people need to take a step back and focus on the reality of their life.


What I loved about this book is how it was written from both first person views of Emma and Josh, which gave the readers an understand of how both main characters felt. As well, I loved how this story took on a popular social media aspect and added an era of teens unfamiliar to the newfangled technology and social networks.


This is one of my favourite reads, and I recommend it to anyone who likes an original kind of story or anyone who likes a good read.


4 out of 5 stars.

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